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utilizing the following to their maximum potential

Online Reputation


With a majority of the world engaging and interacting online having an strong positive online presence is mandatory if you want to thrive. Whether a potential customer hears about your business from a friend, the radio, a print ad, or online theres a high probability that they do some research.

Search Engine Exposure


People searching Google for products or services are practically saying “I want to buy.” By not being found at the top your not just missing out on customers your letting them go to your competition. To take your business to the next level, stay ahead of your competition and ensure long-term growth for your company proper search engine exposure is imperative. Make sure your business has the exposure and credibility it deserves by being found at the TOP of search results.

Social Interaction & Engagement


The average person spends over 2 hours a day on social media engaging and interacting with their friends and family asking for recommendations and opinions.

Online Reputation

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization / Marketing

Fan Page Domination

Sherlocked Marketing

Sherlocked Marketing is your #1 Premier SEO Agency. We get your business website to the front of Google Search Results. Our proven strategies will move you up in the rankings bringing more exposure and credibility to your company. Many businesses are unaware of the importance and effectiveness of SEO. It has now become an industry standard to be on the first page of Google. Every company not on the first page misses out on a massive amount of the market share available online, and over the long run, this can be the cause of a failing business. In the digital age, we see more and more brick and mortar companies being shut down and many others struggling to keep afloat because today the majority of people turn to the internet to find what they are looking for and if you can’t be found online to many people you don’t exist. Find out how our SEO services here at Sherlocked Marketing can help your search engine rankings by clicking here to fill out our Discovery Form


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization this refers to your “placement” or “ranking” on search engines such as Google. Everything on your site and everything off your site that either leads or points to your page(s) affects how well it is optimized. The more well-optimized you are, the better results your page will return. SEO is the key Infrastructure of your online properties when it comes to search rankings. Under-optimize and you will end up in the back of the search results where no one will see you. Over-optimize and you will be penalized or possibly removed from engines such as Google. Well-optimized in the wrong area and you will return a lower volume then your capable. To have all the right pieces in the right places at the right time, you will need an SEO consultant keeping track of where and how you appear in the search results. Find out what our SEO Experts at Sherlocked Marketing can do for you.

Internet and Digital Marketing

Today’s world has been revolutionized by technology, and these technologies present new possibilities everywhere we go. From refrigerators to smartphones the integration of software and hardware has allowed people to become more effective and efficient in their daily routines. Business has been no exception. Digital Media has forever changed the way the world does business. Having an online presence has become mandatory if you want to compete in today’s fast-paced markets. When so many people have access to the Internet and the power to buy is at the click of a button the question that remains is “How can I best utilize this traffic for my business?” Here is where Digital & Internet Marketing will play a critical role in your business. Digital Marketing is an Ad placed for your company on any digital platform that may not necessarily be connected to the Internet. Such as an AD in a video game on a Gameboy. Internet Marketing refers to any Ad placed over the web such as Google AD’s, banners, Facebook, etc. SEO refers strictly to rankings on an engine like Google. The Key fundamental is that most Internet Marketing tactics involve some form of CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Impression). How you manage your online presence and reputation can be the deciding factor on whether a customer chooses you over your competition. Which is why working with an SEO Firm is so imperative.

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