Top 10 Link Building Tactics for SEO in 2018

You may spend hundreds of pounds/dollars/euro’s to design, set up and fine-tune your website, but chances are, it may neither achieve appreciable, search engine ranking nor deliver profitable, results, should you be running a business. The truth is that thousands of web owners face this problem and are none the wiser. If you are at pains to understand why your website isn’t delivering results, the way you’d like it to might be time you took a closer look at your site and revamped your SEO link building tactics. Here are the top 10 SEO link building tactics in 2018 that can contribute to your site’s success.

1. Establish “Relevant” Links.

The search for links by webmasters and website owners is a continuous process, many preferring one way, “inbound links” for better search engine results, as well as incoming, web traffic to their sites. However, if you choose to establish “reciprocal links” to your site, it’s crucial, important to ensure, that the links selected, are associated in some manner with your website. In short, they must be relevant to the product or service marketed by your site. For example, if your site is offering a “Home Improvement” product or service, try and establish reciprocal links with “Home Improvement” sites marketing allied products.

2. Maximize Reciprocal Links.

Top search engines such as Yahoo or Google pay close attention to the number of “relevant,” links possessed by a website, and reward them with better ranking. Therefore, if you have succeeded in establishing relevant, reciprocal links, try and maximize that number.

3. Increase Online Longevity.

Most search engines do not rank sites unless they find them active for a minimum of 6 months, with content frequently refreshed and updated. The longer your site is seen online, the more it will be perceived as reliable, and ultimately, the better its chances of attaining good search engine ranking.

4. Demonstrate Steady Growth.

Slow, steady and consistent, the growth of your website is preferable to erratic, inconsistent development. This is a factor that top search engines keenly watch and take into account when ranking sites. Therefore, ensure that you demonstrate slow yet sure upward, a growth of your site, establishing relevant links, and adding to them along the way.

5. Use SEO Optimized Keywords.

SEO optimized keywords in your links can significantly increase, if not double, the chances of attracting web traffic and inbound links to your site.

6. Choose Online Press Optimization.

As an alternative to SEO optimization, Online Press Optimization is an excellent way to optimize your website, and a proven way for effective, link building and appreciable, link results.

7. Organize SEO Logically.

Remember, SEO and link building, complement each other. Therefore, it’s essential to build links to your site around SEO while marketing it. This will increase the chances of driving significant, visitor traffic to your site.

8. Select RSS Fee Optimization.

This is another tactic for effective SEO link building in 2018. RSS Optimization is a process that permits transmission to a varied, group of viewers using, among others, individual buttons on toolbars.

9. Offer Free Web Hosting Space.

Offering Free Web Hosting space is an effective, among the tactics to increase site exposure and enhance link building in 2018. Increased exposure will also build traffic, and ultimately gain high search engine ranking for your site.

10. Concentrate on providing creative content.

While frequent updating of content is important, it is equally important to infuse creativity in your site’s content. A new, informative and refreshing look will always have more appeal and significantly contribute to significant, SEO link building in 2018.