What is Online Reputation Management & Why is it Important?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, Reputation Management ensures customers see your business for what it really is vs what the outspoken minority may say online. Customers are constantly using search engines, like Google, to find and assess products and services. A search may not always yield an accurate representation of your business and a potential customer could decide in a split second whether or not your business is trustworthy and if they should go with the competition.

Negative reviews and opinions could affect search results and turn customers away. This is when online reputation management comes into play to build a positive brand image for your business online.

Process Overview

Claim your spot – By expanding your company’s presence to all the major online channels you can begin to be proactive in boosting a positive brand image.
Monitor the discussion – You can’t begin the online reputation management process until you know and understand what has been said about your business.
Move up positive content – With our proven process we get the positive content being said about your brand to the top of search engines
Move negative content out of the way – We push to get any negative content being said about your business to the bottom of search engines
Diversify – We will continue this process until the search results accurately represent your business brand image
Keep it fresh – Online reputation management doesn’t end, you need to continue to keep your brand protected against potentially negative content
Synchronize your marketing – Online reputation management positively impacts all of your other marketing tactics.

Reviews – In order to build a positive reputation online for your business, review sites are one of the most important factors. We will determine what review sites are most influential in your industry and get positive content from those sites at the top of search. We will also work to increase the number of positive reviews online.

Surveying – Through surveys, you can provide an additional channel for your customers to provide opinions and feedback. By following up with customers directly you diminish any chance that they may go to a more public platform to complain. Gathering this information from customers also allows you to look for patterns in their reviews and help you to improve your current business processes.

Monitoring – Your online reputation is always going to be changing and progressing. It is imperative that you keep a constant watch on what is being said about your brand online. You wouldn’t want all the work you put into your reputation to deteriorate over time. By setting up alerts, we can begin to track and monitor your online reputation as information populates in the search engines.

Scoring – In order to stay ahead of competitors, you must know how you’re scoring in relation to them. How are they managing their online reputation? Are there any weaknesses you could capitalize on? What tactics have been successful for your competitors that you could imitate? By studying the competition we can set goals to exceed their performance.

Synchronization – If you have multiple business locations, it’s even more important to include online reputation management in your overall marketing efforts. If there are certain locations or branches that are suffering, we will work to improve all areas of your brand’s online reputation.