Guidline Image for SEO Deliverables

SEO deliverables to help with on-boarding, project management, and client relationship management.

Business owners generally have a difficult time understanding search engine optimization and the workload taking place during an SEO campaign. This along with the fact that (in their eyes) there’s always a constant air of mystery surrounding SEO it’s completely understandable to see why even while a prospect may know the importance and desire SEO they may still turn down the service. Sprinkle in the fact that everyone knows somebody that has been burnt by a so-called “SEO guru” and add in the overwhelming feeling of information overload commonly experienced by potential clients you’ll find yourself facing a significant obstacle in the client acquisition process.

How can you help the prospect understand the workload, clear the air of mystery, instill trust, and build rapport at the same time?

Structured Organized Deliverables.

When you have well structured & organized deliverables, it will help.

1. Show Transparency – Allows the client to see exactly whats going to take place throughout the life of their campaign as well as briefly describe the task/deliverable at hand. This shows the workload as well as clears the air of mystery.

2. Show Honesty – The transparency in the campaigns structured deliverables along with the shared delivery files shows honesty and helps build rapport.

3. Allow for Efficiency & Scalability – Having your basic structure and process pre-laid out for you will not only allow you to gain trust it will allow you to seamlessly onboard clients in minutes, effortlessly maintain project management, avoid missing any steps throughout the campaign, and make it easy to track progress along the way.

SEO deliverables help make it easier to clear that air of mystery and allows the client to clearly understand what will be taking place as well as when it will take place. The deliverables you decide to provide to a client should be based individually upon your agencies methods and should be unique to your processes. Any documented action that has moved you toward your end campaign goal can be used as a deliverable. It’s up to you to decide what you deem worthy to consider as a deliverable to your clients.

Example: two agencies may have the same name for a deliverable such as “technical SEO audit” however one company might have 15 individual checkpoints inside that audit while another may have 10 and call the other 5 checkpoints by their own individual deliverable name.

Below is a list of some deliverables you can pick through to help build out your system of deliverables.

Analytics Audit/Report
Analytics Correction(s)
Annual Report(s)
Authority Media Coverage (Links from Forbes, CNN, etc…)
Blogger Outreach
Breadcrumbs Audit/Report
Breadcrumbs Correction(s)
Broken Link Audit/Report
Broken Link Correction(s)
Campaign Progress Review
Campaign Audit/Report
Canonicals Audit/Report
Canonicals Correction(s)
Citation Audit
Citation Build
Competitor Audit/Report
Competitor Backlink Audit/Report
Competitor Backlink Link List
Competitor Backlink Aquisition
Configure Analytics
Configure Search Console
Content Audit/Report
Content Correction(s)
Content Creation
Content Promotion
Crawl Audit/Report
Crawl Correction(s)
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Audit/Report
Custom 404 Page
Deliverable “Delivery” Dates
Site Error Codes Audit/Report (404, 302, 301, 200, etc..)
404 Error Correction(s)
302 Error Correction(s)
301 Error Corrections(s)
200 Error Correction (s)
Disavowed Links
Duplicate Content Audit/Report
Duplicate Content Correction(s)
Duplicate Titles or Meta Descriptions Report/Audit
Duplicate Titles or Meta Descriptions Correction(s)
Duplicate URLs Audit/Report
Duplicate URLs Correction(s)
Featured Posts
Footer optimization
Forum Engagement
Grammarly Check
Guest Posts
Header Optimization
HTML Sitemap
Page XML Sitemap
Mobile XML Sitemap
Image XML Sitemap
Video XML Sitemap
HTTP vs. HTTPS Audit/Report
HTTP vs. HTTPS Correction(s)
Images Audit/Report
Images Correction(s)
Inner Linking Audit/Report
Inner Linking Correction(s)
Keyword Gap Audit/Report
Keyword Gap Correction(s)
Keyword Research Mapping Audit/Report
Keyword Research Mapping Correction(s)
Kickoff Report
Link Building Strategy
Backlink Audit/Report
Backlink Cleanup (same as disavowing)
List of Live Links Built
Mobile Optimization Audit/Report
Mobile Optimization Correction(s)
Monthly Reports
Off-Page Audit/Report
Off-Page Correction(s)
On-Page Audit/Report
On-Page Correction(s)
On-Page Tagging/Markup Audit/Report
On-Page Tagging/Markup Correction(s)
Online Reputation Management Audit/Report
Online Reputation Management Correction(s)
Online Reputation Management Campaign
Other Media Integration Audit/Report
Other Media Integration
Page Speed Audit/Report
Page Speed Correction(s)
Press Release(s)
Quarterly Report(s)
Semantic Content Audit/Report
Semantic Content Correction(s)
Robots.txt Audit/Report
Robots.txt Correction(s)
Schema Audit/Report
Schema Correction(s)
Scholarship Creation & Links
Search Console Audit/Report
Search Console Correction(s)
SEO Health Audit/Report
SEO Health Correction(s)
Server Errors Audit/Report
Server Errors Correction(s)
Server Uptime Audit/Report
Server Uptime Correction(s)
Sidebar Optimization
Site Structure Audit/Report
Site Structure Correction(s)
Social Media Audit/Report
Social Media Correction(s)
Social Profile Creations
Directory Listings (Fetch & Find)
Directory Listings (Aquire)
Target Audience Audit/Report
Technical Audit/Report
Technical Correction(s)
Titles and Meta Descriptions Report/Audit
Titles and Meta Descriptions Correction(s)
URL Structure Audit/Report
URL Structure Correction(s)
Meta Robot tags (follow, no-follow, index, no-index)Audit/Report
Meta Robot Tags Correction(s)
Structured Data Markup Audit/Report
Structured Data Markup Correction(s)
Website Quality Review
www vs. non-www Audit/Report
www vs. non-www Correction